Dr Vinay Jadhav talks about the Atkins Diet, its claims and implications

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Dr Vinay Jadhav talks about the Atkins Diet, its claims and implications


Atkins Diet- Too much to lose?

The Atkins diet is by far the most popular low-carbohydrate, high-protein, high-fat diets. Promoted by Dr Robert Atkins, this diet encourages a controlled consumption of carbohydrates and focusing on the fats and proteins to provide energy to the body. The Atkins diet aims to help people lose weight by bringing about change in their eating habits and helping them maintain their lost weight. But does it actually work? Many have claimed it does for a while, but can people live on such a diet forever? Does the Atkins diet make too many promises? Dr Vinay Jadhav opines on the intricacies of the Atkins diet and its implications on one’s health and wellbeing.

Dr Vinay Jadhav explains that in the induction phase of the Atkins diet, rules like the following need to be followed in terms of diet-

  • 1. Carbohydrates no more than 20gm per day (restricted to consumption of certain vegetables)
  • 2. Protein and fats to be obtained from sources like poultry, fish, red meat etc.
  • 3. No bakery products, pasta, grains, fruits, starchy vegetables like potato, no dairy products other than butter, cream and cheese.
  • 4. No legumes, nuts or seeds.
  • 5. No alcohol and caffeine.

Apart from these rules, people face the following issues that affect the simplicity of living life easily and comfortably:

  • 1. Shopping for food- Dr Vinay Jadhav says that when following the Atkins diet one has to buy only the food/nutritional supplements prescribed in the diet. Also, if buying something other than the prescribed food, you need to constantly count the number of carbs in the food. Even if this is a sacrifice many are ready to make, Dr Vinay Jadhav thinks that limiting certain foods can create a certain effect on the minds of the people. They get tempted to eat the foods they love and once they eat foods that are banned or not prescribed; they just lose their determination to follow the diet anymore. Dr Vinay Jadhav thinks that something like this, a rebound of sense, can contribute to sudden weight gain instead of weight loss.
  • 2. No whole grains- The no whole grains part can be the toughest because people are used to eating whole grain products for breakfast and they are a source of quick energy. This can cause food deficiency in terms of fibre, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Dr Vinay Jadhav says that this diet encourages people to follow something which can cause nutritive deficiency to the body for the sake of weight loss, which may or may not happen.
  • 3. Set aside the dietary restrictions, this diet also causes some fundamental behavioural changes in people once it is embarked upon. Dr VinayJadhav says that due to the low carbs, the body reacts by rebelling lack of proper food consumption or the usual amount of food that is consumed. People experience headaches and irritability. Those who work continuously may feel weakened and constantly irritated. Dr Vinay Jadhav also adds that the people experience a bad breath due to the ketones that the body produces.

Dr Vinay Jadhav wonders if the urge to lose weight can cause people to harm their bodies in this way? Dr Vinay Jadhav talks about other important health issues that are susceptible to people on this diet. Dr Vinay Jadhav says that most people who follow this diet are obese or overweight. Due to their condition, they are more prone to diabetes and osteoporosis. Diabetes slowly but steadily damages the kidneys and a low bone density, known to be an attribute of the diet, may cause osteoporosis in obese people. The Atkins diet is a high protein diet so the kidneys have to do the extra work of digesting these proteins by burning the fats in the body. Exposing the kidneys to digest so much of protein can cause liver and kidney problems, or aggravate already existing but minor problems with the kidneys and liver.

What is the point of cutting carbs from your diet? The belief that a low carb diet will encourage the body to tap the stored fats for energy in order to burn the proteins can be extremely harmful for the body. There are claims that the Atkins diet helps with the good cholesterol and lowers the triglycerides in the body but can risk your body to all the other problems that this diet poses? Weight loss does happen with this diet but at what cost?

The Atkins diet asks a lot from you. You are expected to follow the eating habit prescribed in the diet for your life. Dr Vinay Jadhav opines that the body also craves for food and taste satisfaction, it loves to feel energised and healthy. Dr Vinay Jadhav states that a weight management program that encourages and encircles the health and wealth of the body and still manages to give good results is what people need.

Dr Vinay Jadhav is an obesity expert, fitness coach and health advisor. His expertise allows him to see every diet through a better perspective. He advises everybody who wishes to lose weight to consult a doctor and wants everyone to know that weight loss is not as hard as it seems. It can be done without subjecting the body to extreme food deprivation or nutritional deficiency.



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*Disclaimer- This article is intended for informative purposes only. The views expressed in this article are the personal views of Dr Vinay Jadhav. Please consult a doctor before embarking on a weight loss program.

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